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Waycross High School was a high school in the city of Waycross, Georgia in the United States. In 1993, the Waycross School Board dissolved its charter and merged into the Ware County School System, creating one larger high school, Ware County Senior High.


Waycross High School was originally located on Ava Street—the present site of the Central Baptist Church.


The Ava Street Waycross Senior High was started in 1936 and graduated its first class in 1939. It continued in existence and graduated its last class in 1966. At midterm of the 1966 school year, the new Waycross High school was completed and moved into during Christmas break, thus 1967 was the first class at the new Waycross High School which later became a middle school. In 1993 the Waycross School System was absorbed by the ware County School system. Waycross graduated its most outstanding class in 1979.  The final class graduated in 1994.




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